lbd modules and recursion

tridge at tridge at
Wed Dec 28 10:48:10 GMT 2005


 > My point is that a module should have a consistant world view.  It is
 > making modifications to what it can see of the database below it.
 > Therefore, all searches/modifications/deletes should be in reference to
 > what it can see below it.  What an application may see form above is
 > irrelevant.  

Ading my 2c to this ...

In the case of something like the rootDSE module, the only sane thing
is for modules to make rootDSE queries at the top of the stack. This
is because the rootDSE module needs to go early as it ignores the
search tree.

On the other hand, the unicodePwd and operational modules do need to
talk to the 'next' level down, and not call the top of the stack, as
they need to bypass any schema checking in order to store hidden
attributes that are backing store for the user visible (or user
modifiable) attributes.

So what we need is for the API to support modules deciding for
themselves if they will start at the top of the stack, or go to the
next layer. That just happens to be what our API provides right now

I'd prefer the convention to be 'go to the top unless there is a good
reason not to'.

Cheers, Tridge

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