fw: The deck is stacked to play

Jamie Flowers admiller at 1000trails.com
Tue Dec 20 06:14:34 GMT 2005

MWIS Volume nearly doubles today!! Watch out tomorrow!!

Short Term PROJECTION $0.75 

Like we told you over the weekend, MWIS is getting ready to take off. We saw
the volume double today and this is at christmas time when the market is 
usually down.

With all the new contracts and newly retained AMcB of new yourk to promote 
them in the market, they are building for great things. 

We believe there is little time left to get in on this stock before it takes 
off. This stock is brewing in the slowest month of the year for the market.
Just imagine how much it will take off in the new year as the market takes
off again.

Don't just take our advice, go to MSN and read onthe amazing technology they
have released and see how it will change the market place in telecommunications
as we know it.

Dont waste anymore time, get on this stock first thing tomorrow.

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