What is blocking a Samba4 Tech Preview?

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Sun Dec 18 21:06:55 GMT 2005

On Sat, Dec 17, 2005 at 10:15:41PM -0800, Andrew Bartlett wrote about 'What is blocking a Samba4 Tech Preview?':
> As the release cycle for Samba4 drags on, it has been put to me that if
> we don't start making releases, we never will.
It'd be nice to win the Vaporware award some time.. I'm sure we can beat Duke
Nukem Forever... ;-)

> So, I'm wondering what issues actually get in the way of a Samba4 tech
> preview:

> I see the following:
>  - Win2000 Kerberos support
>  - Simple Binds in the LDAP server
>  - Fixed ACLs in LDB
>  - Fixed ACLs in the registry
>  - Documented add/delete/set user (even if just assistance with ldbedit)
>  - Samba3 member support (at least partial)
I think the only thing that needs to be fixed are the ACLs, as
we'd otherwise be releasing something that's wide open to the world..
other then that, I don't think any of these should be requirements for
a tech preview.

> In the ACL space I don't think that the current (very valuable) work
> tridge is doing should block the release of the code.  Instead we should
> hard-code the same 'admin write, others read' ACL that Samba3 has.  
That's a sane alternative, indeed. 

> If we can get some of this code out into the hands of users, we might
> get the interest and developers we so desperately need, but doing
> 'nothing' (ie continuing development) isn't going to move us.
Certainly! The Debian packages of Samba4 are a bit more sane now,
after a couple of patches from Steinar Gunderson (Sesse for those on
IRC), so I hope we can get some Samba4 packages in Debians
experimental as well.


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