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 Newsletter - Mid-December Issue, 2005

  In this issue we are going to profile
a company involved in the Red Hot homeland
security sector. Also recently entering the
Oil/Energy Industry! This company's st0ck is 
very much undervalued considering the potential 
of the industry and the position of the company.
(The perfect time to get in) 

This small treasure is: VNBL (Vinoble, Inc.)

St0ck_Symb0l: VNBL . OB

  The st0ck is trading at only O.O4 - O.05
cents big gains are highly likely for this week!

You may want to act very quick on Monday!

  A Huge PR campaign expected this week so
grab as much as you can up to $0.10 range.
We all know it's the big announcements that
make these small gems move.

About the company:

  Vinoble, Inc. is a holding company, which
is identifying and acquiring operational
business opportunities in the areas of
homeland security, security information
systems, and other security services to
provide long term growth for its
shareholders.  Vinoble believes that the
opportunity to build a successful business
in the security sector is unprecedented.

  The terror attacks on the United States on
September 11, 20O1 have changed the security
landscape for the foreseeable future. Both
physical and logical security, have become
paramount for all industry segments,
specially in the banking, healthcare and
government sectors. While the focus for
Vinoble is on North America, the opportunity
for security services is worldwide.
According to Giga, a wholly owned subsidiary
of Forrester Research, worldwide demand for
information security products and services
is set to eclipse $46B this year.

Why we believe VNBL will give big returns on

* At this time much of VNBL's focus is on
RFID (Radio frequency identification)
technology and it's uses in the oil and gas
industry.  This is technology which uses
tiny sensors to transmit information about a
person or object wirelessly.

* VNBL is developing a form of RFID
technology which allows companies and
governments to wirelessly track their assets
and resources. Such technology has huge
potential in the protection and
transportation of materials designated "High
Risk" were they to fall into the wrong

* VNBL works on integration of the two afore
mentioned systems in order to create "High
Security Space" in locales where it is
deemed necessary.  Locations which may take
advantage of such systems are airports, sea
ports, mines, nuclear facilities, and more.

***N E W S***

9/6 Vinoble to Enter the Oil and Gas Sector

9/9 Vinoble Agrees to Acquire and Interest
in an Oil and Gas Prospect

10/13 Vinoble Finalizes Asset Acquisition

11/17 Vinoble Finalizes Second Asset

Latest News:

MALIBU, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 9, 2005--
Vinoble, Inc. (OTCBB:VNBL - News), announced
today its intention to narrow its focus in the
resource sector. As evidenced by recent
acquisition activity, the Company views asset
acquisitions and investments in resources such
as gold, oil, and natural gas as timely and

While oil prices remain above $60, natural gas
at record highs at $15 per mi||i0n Btu's, and
gold reaching a 24 year high at over $534 per
ounce, the Company is excited about focusing
its efforts in these strong markets where
demand is high and additional supply is
necessary to satisfy the demand. In addition to
the recently announced acquisitions, Company
management over the last few months has met
with and been in negotiations over several
additional acquisition and investment
candidates in both the gold and oil & gas
industries. Upon agreeing to terms and reaching
definitive agreements, Vinoble will announce
those as they become available.

Vinoble continues to seek other opportunities
to add value to its property holdings through
acquisition. Vinoble believes that these
additional assets will provide the Company and
its shareholders a much-improved increase in
shareholder value. Further, the Company will be
filing the required forms and exhibits with the
SEC and sending notice to shareholders within
the next weeks. Terms and conditions of the
transactions will also be provided in the
aforementioned notices.

  We believe that this is great news for VNBL.
Just at the time when more domestic oil
operations are starting up, VNBL comes
in with a great product and solid acquisition.

Go VNBL!!!

Put it on your radar now!!
** Act Early **
Please watch this one trade Wednesday and 
all this week! 

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