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Fri Dec 16 13:54:04 GMT 2005

Henrik Zagerholm <henke at> writes:

> Hi list,
> I believe that the fstat implementation in libsmbclient is broken on
> 3.0.21-rc1.
> I think it broke after 3.0.20b and all newer versions.
> mtime returns atime and atime does not return anything.
> Could you confirm this?

Would you please submit a bug on and attach a small test
program that illustrates the problem.  (i.e. what does "does not return
anything" mean for a time_t value?  0?)  Also, please attach a network trace
obtained with

  tcpdump -s 0 -w ftime-problem.pcap

I'll take a look at the problem when I've received these.


Derrell Lipman
libsmbclient maintainer

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