memory leak -- comments?

derrell at derrell at
Thu Dec 15 23:39:01 GMT 2005

Hi Jeremy,

I received the attached report, including valgrind output.  It looks to me as
if cli_receive_trans() allocates 'param' and 'data', and then, back in
cli_list_new(), if one of these three conditions is true, we'll have a memory

  if (cli_is_error_cli(cli) || !rdata || !rparam)


  if (ff_searchcount == 0)

  if (!tdl)      /* malloc failed)

Of these, the one likely to occur is ff_searchcount == 0.  I suspect that
was the cause of this report.  Agree?  Each of these cases should be
SAFE_FREE()ing rdata and rparam, right?


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