Samba 3.0.21rc2 domain trusting Win2k3 SP1 AD

Pierre Filippone pierre.filippone at
Thu Dec 15 16:01:58 GMT 2005

Sorry to disturb again,

but I need a little bit of help regarding interdomain trusts to Win2k3 
SP1. I am testing with 3.0.21rc2.

I am trying to replace some NT4 DCs by Samba 3. So far all tests regarding 
interdomain trusts went well - except trusting win2k3 SP1.
Win2k3 trusting the Samba domain seems to work fine, although it took some 
tricks, to establish the trust:

The other direction is my problem: Samba domain trusting win2k3 AD
I managed to establish the trust. 
"wbinfo -m" shows the AD domain. But "wbinfo -u" does not show users or 
groups from the AD.
On a Windows member of the Samba domain I can select users and groups from 
AD, for example to add to share permissions, but when I re-open the share 
configuration, only the SIDS are listed. 
When I try to access resources on servers in the samba domain from the 
Win3k3 DC I am always prompted for uid and password.

I guess winbindd has problems accessing resources on the Win2k3 domain 
The AD is in mixed mode and pre-windows2000 compatible permissions are 
enabled.  I even set "restrictanonymous" and  "restrictanonymoussam" to 0 
in the win registry. It did not change anything.

So here is my question:
Should the trust work at all ? 
I've read some postings regarding enumeration of  win2k3 sp1 domain users 
but all seem to be related to samba acting as a member server in an AD 
domain. I can't find anything regarding interdomain trusts.  Are these 
problems related  ?
Or am I simply doing something wrong ?

I am a little bit stuck here, because unless this kind of trusts works, at 
least with some sort of registry hacks, I cannot replace the WinNT 
Any answer would be highly appreciated.

Pierre Filippone

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