Jeff Yana 240vac at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 13 01:59:43 GMT 2005

Dear List-

I posted this to the general list as well but this issue might be better 
suited for this one. One thing I forgot to mention in the other posting 
is that depending on how bad the problem is (that is, the frequency of 
the occurence of these bogus authentication requests are), Winbind can 
consume up to 1GB of RAM.

Thanks in advance...


Dear List-

This error is appearing in my log.winbindd log file. The full error is 
as follows:

user 'RAID' does not exist

user 'BAMBOO_LEAVES_SINGLE.TIF' does not exist

To clarify, there is no user by those names (i.e. raid, 
on our DC, but there are share names/filenames; the full name/s of the 
shares in
question being Raid1 and Raid2, with the UNC path looking something like 


This error or some variation of it is appearing in the log file every 1 
- 4 seconds,
corresponding presumably with some sort of read/write I/O operation. The 
box is
currently serving as a NAS in our production environment, and this box 
does undergoes
very heavy IO.

Previously, kerberos had failed due to a time drift on the NAS. That 
problem has
since been corrected and Kerberos reports back as functioning correctly.

Samba version: samba-3.0.14
Linux Kernel: kernel-2.4.27-2.0.00
OS: REdhat 9.0

Has anyone on this list ever experience an occurrence like this?

Thanks in advance.

Jeff Yana


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