libsmbclient: Any way to resolve IP<->NetBIOS Name?

Tim Hutt tdh29 at
Mon Dec 12 03:01:15 GMT 2005


Is there any way to resolve IP addresses to NetBIOS names or vice versa? I've 
looked at the nmblookup code and it appears to use code internal to samba. I 
want to do this just using libsmbclient, and there appears to be no way to do 
it. I would have though it's a fairly common thing to do... Maybe I will just 
have to spawn nmblookup for now, ugly as that is.

Also, I have written a C++ wrapper for libsmbclient called libsmbmm. If anyone 
would like it send me an email. It is complete but entirely untested at the 



PS: Not subscribed. CC me please :-)

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