usershare acl parser?

tridge at tridge at
Sun Dec 11 11:58:20 GMT 2005


 > Ok, I was wrong - I should have used an example of :
 > "D:P(A;;GA;;;SY)(A;;GRGWGX;;;BA)(A;;GR;;;WD)"

Why do you want SEC_DESC_DACL_PROTECTED ? (the 'P' flag). As there is
no parent, its not needed and is pretty obscure at any time.

the 'SY' ACE is pointless as its reasonable to assume 'local system'
can do whatever it darn well pleases to a local resource. The GWGWGX
is also a bit verbose - using GA (generic all) is much simpler and
probably what you really wanted.

So I suspect what you wanted was this:


which translates as "all rights for admins, everyone else read".

Cheers, Tridge

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