[PATCH] Deprecate 'bind interfaces only' parameter

Laurenz, Dirk Dirk.Laurenz at fujitsu-siemens.com
Fri Dec 9 07:42:33 GMT 2005

Hello together,

>> It does do something :-)

Oh, yes and we use it heavily here at a customers site.

>> Additionally, 'bind interfaces only' is used when you want to run
>> multiple copies of smbd on the same machine. In that case you can't
>> have two bound to the wildcard interface, so you only listen on the
>> specific interfaces.

We've a multiple smbd/nmbd Samba setup as volker knows, where
each instance runs with it's on configuration. this is needed to provide
completly seperated samba instances for:

	switching them 	(ha considerations)
	moving them		(performance, isolation issues)
	seperating them	(security issues)
Any of the mentioned actions doesn't require any change on the client site.
So removing this parameter would brake the whole conecpt we're using
at our customers site. This parameter makes samba extremly flexible. More than 
a windows system can do.

>> If you really wanted to remove this parameter then I think you will
>> need to make the 'interfaces =' syntax more powerful.

This would be the only way from my point of view!

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