proposition of further changes in dcerpc code

tridge at tridge at
Mon Dec 5 23:48:06 GMT 2005


 > Attached patch is a change leading towards fully async
 > dcerpc_pipe_connect function. It contains work on connection
 > routine via named pipe. Note, that I have separated functions
 > into dcerpc_connect.c, as dcerpc_util.c grows too big doing
 > many different things. I believe dcerpc connection functions
 > put in a separate file make a clear split.

yes, I agree on splitting out the connect code. The split you've made
looks sensible.

In dcerpc_pipe_connect_ncacn_np_smb_send() you should probably put the
smb_composite_connect_send() call outside the SCHANNEL if
statement. It's the same call in both branches of the if() so no need
to duplicate it.

I'd also like to see a few comments. I think that composite functions
really do need a few comments at minimum stating what stage of the
connection process is reached in each function. So for example,
explain at the top of continue_smb_connect() that this is called when
the SMB socket is established, and the IPC$ share open, and that the
remaining task is to open the pipe.

I think you are also missing a couple of places where allocation
failures should be checked for. For example, add a composite_nomem()
check after copying the called_name. Apart from that the code looks
good and I think you should commit. I think the structure interface is
fine for this call, although if you'd prefer the function parameter
approach then I won't object.

Have you thought about where the epm map calls will fit in? I know
you're concentrating on ncacn_np for now, where epm isn't needed, but
it might be worth thinking about what the API will look like when epm
is taken into account.

Cheers, Tridge

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