libsmbclient: Connection reset by peer when reconnecting to a host.

derrell at derrell at
Mon Dec 5 02:59:38 GMT 2005

Tim Hutt <tdh29 at> writes:

> On Wednesday 16 November 2005 22:34, derrell at wrote:
>> > The thing you suggested didn't help though... Any other suggestions?
>> Not off hand.  Do you get the same problem if you connect repeatedly to a
>> smaller number of servers?  If so, does the problem happen after the same
>> (approximate) number of connections as in your original test?
> No, it doesn't seem to matter how many connections - I tried connecting to
> 10 in a loop and that segfaulted too (even though it didn't actually manage
> to connect to any of them). I will try to investigate more and let you know.

Hi Tim,

I expect to be working on this problem this week.  I don't recall seeing any
additional postings from you regarding this.  Were you able to narrow down the
problem any more by your additional investigation?



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