Samba 3.0.21rc2 Available for Download (Sun LDAPclient patch not applied completely)

Nicholas Brealey nick at
Sat Dec 3 16:05:51 GMT 2005

 From the WHATSNEW.txt:

o   Alex Deiter <tiamat at>
     * BUG 3196: Patch to compile against the Sun LDAP client libs.
       (not for AD support; just ldap support).

This is a tremendously useful bug fix.
It will mean that I only have to build one Solaris
package for Solaris Samba PDCs, BDCs and member servers
and I don't need to install OpenLDAP on all the Solaris

Unfortunately part of the patch was not applied (see attached).

Solaris does not have ber_memfree. All the documentation I could find 
for ldap_extended_operation_s says that retoid should be freed by 
calling ldap_memfree. Documentation for ldap_extended_operation_s seems 
to be missing in OpenLDAP but the OpenLDAP ldap_memfree is just a 
wrapper around ber_memfree so the patch will work with OpenLDAP client 
libraries as well.

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