interoperability between samba, linux-cifs, cywgin and sfu

Martin Koeppe mkoeppe at
Fri Dec 2 12:19:25 GMT 2005

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On Thu, 1 Dec 2005, Martin Koeppe wrote:

> 8. CreateHardLink() Windows API  [cygwin] [ActivePerl]
> ======================================================
> The CreateHardLink() Windows API function isn't apparently able to create 
> hardlinks on network drives, whereas with the sfu ln utility, you can. Both 
> C:\sfu\common\ln.exe and C:\sfu\bin\ln work, where the former seems to call 
> the latter internally. As CreateHardLink() is used by cygwin (and ActivePerl, 
> too), you cannot with these.

I just verified that CreateHardLink() works correctly on network 
drives, IF you use WinXP or Win2003. I tested successfully WinXP-SP2 
and Win2003-SP0.

On Win2000-SP4 however, it does not work. :-(

Thank you, Corinna.


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