KDC built in or out of smbd

Henrik Nordstrom hno at squid-cache.org
Thu Dec 1 23:33:10 GMT 2005

On Thu, 1 Dec 2005, Lukasz Stelmach wrote:

> Will I have to switch from OpenLDAP server to samba's one when Samba4
> becomes real. Let them, samba and openldap, be on the same machine.
> But will the Samba4 LDAP server be "a must" or just an option
> for those who havent LDAP already and want it just to run Samba
> and don't think (at least for "now") about using it for other unix
> services?

For running Samba as a domain controller using Samba LDAP will be a must, 
much like using Active Directory is a must on the Active Directory domain 

You shuld however be able to run both the Samba domain controller and 
OpenLDAP on the same machine by binding them to different IPs.

If you are not planning on using Samba4 as a domain controller then LDAP 
is pretty much a non-issue as it's only relevant on domain controllers.


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