Plans for Samba 3.0.21

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Heads up....

Here's a copy of the mail I just sent to the general
samba community list.  Trying to keep everyone in the loop.

cheers, jerry

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Hey folks,

Here's a short summary of what's in the works
for 3.0.21.  Right now we have people working
on all of these bullets.  If you want to get
involved, join the samba-technical list and
help out with code reviews, testing, etc...

Or if you have patches and or new features
that you would like to submit for inclusion in
this release, the technical list is the best
place to start.

cheers, jerry

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Samba 3.0.21
(estimated ship date is end of October or early November)
Planned Features subject to time constraints:

* Full EventLog support including external
~  daemon to populate the log tdbs.

* Stable service control support for controlling
~  Unix services via MMC and Server Manager.

* New DCE/RPC server & client code for better
~  interoperability with newer Windows service packs.

* New oplock implementation.

* Print server memory management cleanup.

* Account policies moved to passdb API (to allow
~  replication via LDAP).

* New msrpc client library for use by desktop
~  application such as KDE and GNOME.

* Second generation of smbclient utility based
~  on libsmbcliebnt.

* More POSIX CIFS server work for better Linux
~  CIFS fs support.

* User Manager overhaul and testing including
~  missing LSA calls to support managing Samba domain
~  trusts via usrmgr.exe.

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