member/memberOf and samldb.c

Luke Howard lukeh at
Mon Aug 29 22:47:09 GMT 2005

>I assume this is the general model to handle (multivalued) linked attributes,
>and it's not specific to member/memberOf.


>and we should keep in mind that we need to keep meta-data like verion_number, orgination_usn,
>orgination_dsa_invocation_id, orgination_time and local_usn per attribute-value.
>when we want to support the w2k3 functional level of ads dc's. (which is needed for having
>more than 5000 members in one group).

Right, because in XAD we represent linked as actual entries (because
we didn't want to change the OpenLDAP datastore), we store this
metadata as we would for any other entry (replPropertyMetaData).

-- Luke


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