'make test' in Samba 3

Don Watson dwwatson at us.ibm.com
Fri Aug 26 13:57:39 GMT 2005

On Friday 26 August 2005 12:48, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

At the top of the script are lines to add the following to smb.conf:

	add user script
	delete user script
	add group script
	delete user script

I think this solves the problem concerning the existence of the groups and 
users, and also cleans them up after the test is finished.  I still haven't 
figured out the problem with 'rpc group'.


> Don Watson wrote:
> > I want to submit the attached test before it gets too big.
> >
> > Only problem I'm having with it is that 'net rpc group' is returning a
> > blank string.  I have tried this manually and 'getent group' shows that
> > the group exists, and 'net rpc group delete' deletes the group, but 'net
> > rpc group' returns a blank string.
> >
> > Am I misinterpreting the expected output from 'net rpc group'?
> Don,
> I know I already replied privately, but this is more for the
> list.
> The main thing I see that is a problem with the test is that
> it assumes certain unix groups or users exist on the system.
> 'net rpc group add foo' means that either (a) foo has to exist
> via getpwnam() or an 'add group script' is defined in smb.conf.
> One alternative might be to grep users or groups from
> /etc/{passwd,group} or maybe from the output of `id`
> cheers, jerry

Don Watson

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