Kim mistral kimmistral at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 26 05:30:27 GMT 2005

Hi all,
I've decided to migrate my files from Windows 2000 file server to Linux server( Redhat Ent.Ed.) in Windows 2000 domain environment. I've also configured Samba for sharing. 
I use Winbind to allow Windows users to acces Linux shares without need to be existed in Linux users.I can get kerberos ticket (krb5.conf is configured as mentioned in Samba documentations) ) and my Linux server can be joined Windows domain.
I've mounted an ext3 partition  and configured smb.conf  with ACL support.
Using a windows client, I create a new directory in the Linux partition and I can set ACLs on the Linux machine without any  problem , but  I can't do this with  existing directories.  
I also try to migrate Windows shares to Linux server with 
"net rpc share migrate SHARES mywindir -S WinServer -U Administrator" command.
When I try this command, I prompted following error
"Cannot add share: WERR_ACCESS_DENIED".
I have checked  all Linux ACL directory permissions and smb.conf file for create mask, security mask etc. They have all configured for full access (0777).
I've tried all configuration options, user rights and  the other ways as I know.
It has been a jigsaw for me. Any suggestion  will be appreciated.

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