Samba3 rpc client code.

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Wed Aug 24 13:44:12 GMT 2005

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Jeremy Allison wrote:
| Ok, after a day or so of studying, I'm happy I can
| now refactor this to something sane that will support
| new auth types in the Samba3 rpcclient code.
| I'm going to remove the nasty static pipes[] array
| from the client structure, and replace it with a linked
| list of active pipes.
| I'm also removing all functions that act on pipe
| "integer" constants into the (removed) nasty static
| array and make every client rpc call operate on
| a "struct rpc_pipe_client *" instead - like Volker's
| new winbindd code.
| This should finish up the modernisation of the Samba3
| client code so I can finally add the spnego client
| auth types and also the krb5 auth types to the server
| as well (already done the spnego ntlmssp auth types in
| the server).
| All FYI: "To whom it may concern" :-).


So how disruptive is this going to be to the
libmsrpc work?  I know its necessary.  Am just trying
to guage the cleanup after you are done.  I think
this will be below the rpc_client/*.c interface, right?

cheers, jerry
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