Samba3 rpc client code.

Jeremy Allison jra at
Wed Aug 24 03:20:30 GMT 2005

Ok, after a day or so of studying, I'm happy I can now refactor
this to something sane that will support new auth types in the
Samba3 rpcclient code.

I'm going to remove the nasty static pipes[] array from the client
structure, and replace it with a linked list of active pipes.

I'm also removing all functions that act on pipe "integer" constants
into the (removed) nasty static array and make every client rpc
call operate on a "struct rpc_pipe_client *" instead - like Volker's
new winbindd code.

This should finish up the modernisation of the Samba3 client code
so I can finally add the spnego client auth types and also the
krb5 auth types to the server as well (already done the spnego
ntlmssp auth types in the server).

All FYI: "To whom it may concern" :-).


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