[Samba] MySQL/Postgres pdb: cannot add new users

Florian Effenberger floeff at arcor.de
Mon Aug 22 18:34:03 GMT 2005

Hi Jelmer,

> Well, I'd be happy to keep maintaining it (just keeping it working), 
> but if there's somebody stepping up who's willing to take over, that'd 
> probably be better. I no longer have a production 
> system that uses pdb_mysql so my testing is pretty ad-hoc.

thanks, that sounds good! I have a production system that uses pdb_mysql
and would be happy to help with testing. I guess there will be some
others who run pdb_mysql systems and will volunteer for testing as well.
 There are no new features that need to be implemented, as far as I
know, but there are at least these three open bugs:




> I'll have a look at the 3.0.20 bugs later this week (most likely on
> wednesday).

In short, the SQL module should

- update only those cells who are affected by an update and not the
whole row (what you planned to have for 3.0.20 and is buggy since 3.0.12
or so)

- should not modify all database entries but only the one affected (the
bug that came with 3.0.20 and destroys the whole database)

- and the SQL schema should be corrected

As far as I know, that's it. Let me know if you need help, and thanks
for your fast reaction, good to know that someone is caring! ;-)


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