[Samba] MySQL/Postgres pdb: cannot add new users

Florian Effenberger floeff at arcor.de
Mon Aug 22 15:04:38 GMT 2005


> I understand you position, but I will point out that
> this is exactly why I marked those extra pdb modules
> as experimental to start with.  We have the resources
> to support the code passdb code and modules but not
> all the variants available.

yes, I know the problem with that, but in our environment, MySQL was the
only choice to go with, and it worked fine. It shouldn't be too much
work to fix it, as I guess it is just a SQL query that needs to be
fixed. I will give you any help possible, but I have absolutely no
programming skills, so I cannot fix it by myself .:-(

As a workaround, I will try to use the 3.0.14a pdbedit (with the 3.0.11
pdb_mysql.c), but a fix would be nice.


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