ideas fo eventlog in 3.0.21

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Mon Aug 22 13:59:49 GMT 2005

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Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

| I would propose that we truncate the list to 2 parameters.
| * eventlog list = <list of event log names>
| * eventlog parsing command = <script>
| The 'eventlog list' is just the same list of arbitrary
| log names like we have now.

Marcin, Brian and I talked on the phone about this.
Here how we have decided to move forward.

We will strip the existing 'eventlog' hooks
from smb.conf.  And we will internalize the
eventlog record entries to a tdb (one per log).
We will use an external process to populate the
eventlog records.

Since this will run as an external daemon, it gets
us around the issues of having to periodically update
the log cache ourself.  Marcin already has some code
for this which will be going into our tree for 3.0.21.

And since the eventlog daemon is just another Unix
service, plans are to be able to control it via the
svcctl pipe if you would like to start/stop it.

cheers, jerry
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