[Samba] MySQL/Postgres pdb: cannot add new users

Florian Effenberger floeff at arcor.de
Mon Aug 22 12:46:55 GMT 2005

Hello Jerry,
Hello Jelmer,
Hello all,

> At the CIFS conference you indicated that you would like
> to transition the pdb_mysql module to another owner.
> You still feel like that?  If so, I'll start looking for
> a new maintainer.

unfortunately, I am no programmer, otherwise I would fix the outstanding
bugs. I don't want to interfere with your current tasks, but I feel that
fixing this module is somewhat critical, as the current version is not
usable and destroys some running production systems by preventing them
to upgrade to anything beyond 3.0.14a (with the pdb_mysql module from

I think the outstanding bugs should be not too complicated, looks like
some SQL query/syntax errors, and I am willing to help by any means, but
please look to get that one fixed, if possible. :)

I don't see any need for new features, but the current bugs should be fixed.


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