CIFS -vs- smbmount locking (was samba a la linux question?)

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  Hmmn: are the CIFS mount maintainers subscribed to this list?
If not,could someone forward this to their list? 


Behnam, Saman wrote:
> Dear Mr. David Collier-Brown,
> thanks for putting my question in the samba mailing lists!
>  I've solved the problem with mounting windows shares to a linux mashine and share the mount directories with samba. I just mounted the windows shares with CIFS and not with smbfs, since it is also a fully smb based method. I was able to get stable timouts (while mounted windows mashine is absent) and no hangs any more.
> I used this method to develop a security applianc with linux for windows networks. So i just connected two windows networks without to transfer any tcp/ip packets between them (its good, since a spreading virus like sasser, then not able to infect the other network). A linux mashine is between the 2 networks. A samba server listens to the two network interfaces. I mount the local partitions of the windows mashines in the isolated network to the linux mashine. I share the mount dir's with samba. And the windows mashines in the other network are able to get full acces to the local file system of the mashines in the isolated network. The main point of this method is that no windows mashines are communicating directly when they exchange files. All the connectios are established to the linux mashine, so no risk of infections over the network.
> But there is an ishue between the CIFS Client and samba. The CIFS Client of SUSE comes with its own lockmanager (oplockenabled ... check it in the /proc/cifs!). And the samba server uses also its own lock manager. This causes lots of probs when trying to access ms-office files with ms-office over the two networks. Disabling the lock manager of samba will result in inconsistency, when files are accessed from multiple users at same time. And samba is the only one that can handle the lock requests from the lock requesting application (like ms office!) and also the lock requesting application talks always only to samba. The better way is to compile the Kernel with the CIFS client with the oplockenabled option set to 0.
> Its a big plus for samba, cause with windows.... this method is just not possible!
> It would be nice if future samba development could recognize this method as a new feature in samba. It would be also nice, if the CIFS client would get the same feature as the NFS client (it starts a remount loop, when the linux mashine trys to mount a nfs share in the fstab that is not arrichable to that time). So i am trying to solve this with a script or a deamon for the CIFS Client. This is almost a problem, if the Linux-Server is restartet and not all windows mashine of the isolated network are online to that time.
> Thanks for all,
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