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tridge at samba.org wrote:
|  > One of the problems I'm having is that windows and inline widgets, etc.,
|  > have to be attached to a larger QxWidget to allow movement around the
|  > screen.  It makes more sense to me to allow movement around the entire
|  > browser window, but I don't see a way to do this in qooxdoo.  But it
|  > shouldn't be too hard to add the approrpiate listeners to the document
|  > object, rather than just individual widgets as qooxdoo does.
| ahh, so thats why I couldn't get it to work! How did you work this out
| btw? The qooxdoo docs are quite sparse, mostly just a list of
| attributes and methods. Did you read their source to work this out, or
| is there some magic approach to intuiting this sort of thing?

The qooxdoo docs do span several pages and say so little! :-)

It was a combination of source reading and using a variables bookmarklet.
The bookmarklet displays every variable and function in the currently open
window.  See "view variables" on

I've got a work around for this problem now, without having to do special
event listener code.  To get movement, placement, etc. working inside the
context of the browser window, I add a QxWidget and set height/width to
match the browser, using some onload and onresize handlers to keep the
QxWidget in step with the browser.

We shouldn't be limited to working within positioned widgets now! :-)

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