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Sat Aug 20 23:23:53 GMT 2005


 > I can't see anything on the qooxdoo page in SWAT, or on /dekstop.  Am I
 > doing something wrong?  (Which raises the real question:  Exactly how
 > portable is this, because it sounds great!).

I've put a screenshot up at http://samba.org/~tridge/snapshot1.png

Hopefully from that you can see what you are supposed to be
getting. You do need a really vivid imagination to see how this will
become the amazing management system that Deryck and I envisage, but
hopefully you will be used to that by now with Samba4 :-)

The key is that the interface is snappy, as the client side js
application doesn't need to be repainted with each click. It just
fetches info from the server in a async fashion. This is the AJAX (or
in our case, AJAJ) model, and it really can lead to quite a different
way of building web management tools.

In the above screenshot the two little registry windows are coming
from this code:


and that code is making 'AJAX' style async calls into the functions in
this code:


One of the keys to it all is that we have javascript both client side
and server side, and we can pass pretty much arbitrary javascript
objects between the two, allowing smbd to do the heavy lifting while
providing a good interface to the user.

btw, if there are any coders reading this who want to get into the
bleeding edge of web development and feel like putting their mark on
the Samba4 web management interface then please say hello!

Cheers, Tridge

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