tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Sat Aug 20 22:56:34 GMT 2005


 > This is the real advantage of this approach, I think -- that the user is
 > not limited to our view of how the interface should be laid out and which
 > "consoles" should be featured.  A sys admin could monitor smbd, manage
 > users, etc. all at once.

yep. I especially want to be able to have add-ons as little re-usable
widgets without having to individually code them on each page. For
example, the little smbd log widget would be great to have available
on every page, which the user pops up when needed.

 > This is a disadvantage of a desktop approach, but there are work arounds.
 > Something along the lines of how Google maps provide a "Link to this page"
 > link, i.e. pass variables into the url to provide a bookmark of the
 > "Current Desktop View" or some similar approach.

ok, that could work. Andrew, does that sound OK to you?

 > One of the problems I'm having is that windows and inline widgets, etc.,
 > have to be attached to a larger QxWidget to allow movement around the
 > screen.  It makes more sense to me to allow movement around the entire
 > browser window, but I don't see a way to do this in qooxdoo.  But it
 > shouldn't be too hard to add the approrpiate listeners to the document
 > object, rather than just individual widgets as qooxdoo does.

ahh, so thats why I couldn't get it to work! How did you work this out
btw? The qooxdoo docs are quite sparse, mostly just a list of
attributes and methods. Did you read their source to work this out, or
is there some magic approach to intuiting this sort of thing?

I've added a qxwidget to the registry page now, and the little regedit
window can now be dragged around within that area of the page.

Cheers, Tridge

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