loadparm.c with fewer parameters

amitregmi at neolinuxsolutions.com amitregmi at neolinuxsolutions.com
Sat Aug 20 12:23:02 GMT 2005


I generated smbparm.py using generate_parm_table.py long time back.
Now I don't remember which version of loadparm.c I used then.

I had a key value pair in parm_table with

	default value = "(uid=%u)"

This is what we get with "testparm -s -v"

Now I generate smbparm.py with new loadparm.c
and it yields

	363 key-value pair in the parm_table dictionary

	(there were 374 lines in the previous smbparm.py)

If the last loadparm.c has excluded (374-363) default values then it's
okey with our parser.

else we have a bug here

	we get
		default value = "(uid"

The loadparm.c I used recently had these in the first few lines

   Unix SMB/CIFS implementation.
   Parameter loading functions
   Copyright (C) Karl Auer 1993-1998

   Largely re-written by Andrew Tridgell, September 1994

   Copyright (C) Simo Sorce 2001
   Copyright (C) Alexander Bokovoy 2002
   Copyright (C) Stefan (metze) Metzmacher 2002
   Copyright (C) Jim McDonough <jmcd at us.ibm.com> 2003



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