tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Sat Aug 20 06:43:04 GMT 2005


Very interesting stuff in swat/desktop, thanks! For those who haven't
seen it, try a connection to localhost:901/desktop and have a play.

Probably the most significant thing this would gain us is the ability
to open multiple independent widgets at once. So for example, I
currently have open two registry viewers at once, one looking at the
local samba4 registry, and the other looking at a remote w2k3
registry. Both appear on the same page.

When I discussed the possibility of a full desktop mode instead of a
html-with-embedded-app mode with Andrew Bartlett at the cifs
conference the main comment I got was that Andrew wouldn't like it as
it prevented bookmarks to specific sections of the web interface

Anyone else have any comments on this? How important is it to keep
SWAT 'web-like'? Or should we fully embrace the new age of 'desktop
apps in a browser' ?

btw, sorry if you didn't mean for people to play with this
yet. Obviously its just a work in progress (for example, the registry
framesets need a window around them so they can be moved around). I
just found it fun to play with and thought others might too :-)

We should probably also prevent some code duplication by turning
things like the registry editor into a little standalone widget, in a
separate js file. I might have a go at that, just to see if I can
understand how to do it. 

Similarly, I'd really like to have a button for 'launch log viewer',
so you don't need a separate window with a tail -f of smbd.log
going. I guess that window should have a slider for the debug level.

Cheers, Tridge

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