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> Wow, thanks for the fast reply.
> Thus spake Andrew Bartlett - abartlet at on 8/19/2005 1:49 AM:
> > Try 'Negotiate' or 'GSS-SPNEGO' as the mech.  
> Did you mean I should change that string in sspi_auth.cpp (currently 
> "Kerberos")? I changed that to "Negotiate", and it generated the same 
> buffers as "NTLM". (When I tried GSS-SPNEGO, it just fails, saying 
> requested security package not found.)

This is getting of topic for Samba (I really don't know the internals of
SSPI, I've never programmed it).  However, I suspect the choice of
NTLMSSP or SPNEGO depends on details such as the target host

Andrew Bartlett

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