re-adding user to group

Chris Nicholls cnicholl at
Thu Aug 18 18:04:53 GMT 2005

>I'd assume a caching bug in our server code.  Can you
>test against a Windows DC by chance?
>I would also recommend looking at a Simple Samba DC using
>tdbsam and troll the level 10 debug to see why smbd is returning
>that error.
Sorry for the long delay in my reply.

I'm quite confident that this was a problem with my config.  I took a 
look at a level 10 debug (ldapsam) and when I tried to re-add the user, 
it was pulling a different user out of the cache.  The weird part was, 
the user it was picking up wasn't in the LDAP directory so that's why I 
think my config was whack.  Anyway, when i configured it for tdbsam, it 
started working correctly.


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