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Wed Aug 17 22:11:36 GMT 2005

Thus spake Volker Lendecke - Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE on 8/17/2005 3:50 AM:
> For torture tests you should *really* look at samba4, in that version the

Thanks for that pointer, I will be sure to look into samba4, but right 
now I'm having trouble wrapping my head around even the samba2 torture 

> tests are a lot more exhaustive. For your questions, is
> a good starting point. From there on, you should be able to understand the
> semantics that this book does not cover from the network behaviour exposed by
> the torture tests. That's at least how I (and I would assume many other samba
> team members) work.

That's how I started learning SMB too; it's a good introductory 
resource, but not as good for reference or looking up obscure 
functionality. I think I mostly found what I was looking for, though, in 
the SNIA's CIFS reference:

and the original CIFS spec:

But any further links would be appreciated!

Also, I'm interested in knowing what purpose the VU test is supposed to 
serve (I know what it does, that's outlined in the comments right above 
the function). It first negotiates the protocol twice, which fails 
immediately for Windows systems. Even after removin the second 
negotiation, it tries to logon twice, which also fails. What does VUSER 
stand for, and is this test built for Samba and not Windows?

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