re-adding user to group

Chris Nicholls cnicholl at
Wed Aug 17 20:52:38 GMT 2005


I've been doing some testing on the libmsrpc group functions.  I can add 
a user to a group and then remove that user from the group, but if i 
immediately try to re-add the user to the group it fails with 

If i close the session and disconnect, and then connect again I can add 
the user to the group, but again if i remove and attempt to re-add them 
it fails with the same ntstatus.

I've gone through my code and I can't see anything that would be causing 

Originally i was using Samba 3.0.14 with LDAP but I installed 3.0.20rc2, 
and I'm getting the same problem.

Could this be a problem with my configuration?


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