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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Wed Aug 17 15:18:01 GMT 2005

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Kalim M wrote:

>> Yup, '[m]get' and '[m]put' are definitely of primary importance. Once
>> those are done, 'more', 'reput', and 'reget' become trivial. I also
>> plan to get 'rm'/'del' done. Most of these will depend on the do_list
>> equivalent that I'm working on at the moment.
>> I'll try to get to the printing stuff before the deadline 
>> but I think it's fair to say that's secondary to
>> the commands I mentioned above and might not be complete
>> before Sep 1.

The printing commands are secondary for this project IMO.
Bonus points and respect if you can get to this. :-)

>> I'll get that password problem patched up. As for the 
>> dfs stuff, I think I'm going to have to hack libsmbclient
>> to get around the spotty dfs support. I hadn't tested against
>> dfs shares, but now that I look at it, it's really
>> behaving unexpectedly.

I would really like to see the dfs stuff finished.  It's
a pretty important features in current client tools
and people miss it when it's gone.

If you need to test against dfs servers, let me know and I
can give you access to my network.  Or you can just setup a
Samba that refers back to itself.

>> Those errors should be mostly cleaned up soon. The only 
>> way I could get file information and maintain a healthy
>> level of abstraction was to use smbc_stat(). Unfortunately,
>> that function won't handle locked files (e.g. pagefile.sys)
>> the way cli_list does, nor does it return the same data (hence,
>> the different output). It might be worthwhile to add a new
>> function to libsmbclient that wraps cli_list. Whaddya think?

Hmmm....ok.  I see what you mean.  The libsmbclient design is
kind at odds with what we are trying to here isn't it.
I guess I always assumed there was a findfirst/findnext
interface in libsmbclient.  Seems like smbc_opendir()
calls cli_list.   Hmmm....why doesn't that work?

> As far as final deliverables go, we can't really swap out
> the existing smbclient due to some changes in the display
> mode or features that people may be relying on.  So we should
> probably include this as a new client.  Got any ideas for
> a name?  We can eventually deprecate the existing smbclient
> once all the current features are covered in the new code.
>> Which reminds me that I wanted to let you know that I 
>> absolutely want to continue developing this client after
>> the pesky Google deadline is out of the way :)

Excellent :-)  I was hoping you'd say that.  Let's get
past the google deadlines first and then we'll figure out
what comes next.

>> As for the name, I'm open to suggestions. smbclient2 does 
>> seem a bit bland doesn't it? Anyone on the list want to
>> throw something out there?

How about smbctool?

cheers, jerry
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