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Wed Aug 17 14:10:13 GMT 2005

Kalim M <kmoghul at> writes:

> Those errors should be mostly cleaned up soon. The only way I could
> get file information and maintain a healthy level of abstraction was
> to use smbc_stat(). Unfortunately, that function won't handle locked
> files (e.g. pagefile.sys) the way cli_list does, nor does it return
> the same data (hence, the different output). It might be worthwhile to
> add a new function to libsmbclient that wraps cli_list. Whaddya think?

The current (samba3) libsmbclient provides POSIX-like functionality, at the
expense of flexibility and general access to the capabilities of the protocol.
If you saw my post a week or so ago about my goals for the samba4
libsmbclient, you'll note that in that one, I want to expose all low-level
capabilities, as well as having a backward-compatible module for the POSIX-
like interface.

If you can think of a POSIX-like function that cli_list() could be wrapped in
(or a way to implement one of the existing smbc_ functions using cli_list()
instead of what it's already using to provide additional capability), then
that would probably be worthwhile to implement.  If cli_list() can not easily
map to a POSIX-like function, however, I'd like to leave this proposed
addition out of the samba3 libsmbclient so that we don't end up adding
unnecessary backward-compatibility requirements to the samba4 library.


libsmbclient maintainer

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