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Kalim M kmoghul at
Wed Aug 17 06:50:46 GMT 2005

On 8/16/05, Gerald (Jerry) Carter <jerry at> wrote:
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> Kalim,
> Pretty cool stuff :-)

> $ bin/smbclient //queso/public -Ujerry%foo -W VALE
> Workgroup: VALE
> Username: jerry
> Password:
> smb: /> dir
> > .                   error: Invalid argument
> > ..                  error: Invalid argument
> > admin               drwxr-xr-x        0  Tue Jul 11 08:13:01 2000
> > hail                error: Permission denied
> > bin32               drwxr-xr-x        0  Wed Mar 27 08:17:00 2002
> > sp6symic.exe        -rw-r--r-- 39766496  Tue Jan 25 11:30:13 2005
> > sp6a                dr-xr-xr-x        0  Tue Jan 25 12:26:19 2005
> > spoolss             drwxr-xr-x        0  Mon Nov 10 10:02:50 2003
> > sp6a_checked        dr-xr-xr-x        0  Tue Jan 25 11:53:39 2005
> > spud                error: Permission denied
> >         -r--r--r--    59741  Wed Feb 23 07:26:21 2005
> I checked client.c and there's still a good number of commands
> commented out.  Which ones do you think can be finished in time?
> Obviously the [m]get and [m]put options are a requirement.

Yup, '[m]get' and '[m]put' are definitely of primary importance. Once
those are done, 'more', 'reput', and 'reget' become trivial. I also
plan to get 'rm'/'del' done. Most of these will depend on the do_list
equivalent that I'm working on at the moment.

I'll try to get to the printing stuff before the deadline but I think
it's fair to say that's secondary to the commands I mentioned above
and might not be complete before Sep 1.

> And I think cleaning up the error messages in the above output
> is important.  The two directories, 'hail' and 'spud' are msdfs
> links btw....  And the extra prompt for a password should be
> cleaned up (since the password was specified on the command line).

I'll get that password problem patched up. As for the dfs stuff, I
think I'm going to have to hack libsmbclient to get around the spotty
dfs support. I hadn't tested against dfs shares, but now that I look
at it, it's really behaving unexpectedly.

Those errors should be mostly cleaned up soon. The only way I could
get file information and maintain a healthy level of abstraction was
to use smbc_stat(). Unfortunately, that function won't handle locked
files (e.g. pagefile.sys) the way cli_list does, nor does it return
the same data (hence, the different output). It might be worthwhile to
add a new function to libsmbclient that wraps cli_list. Whaddya think?
> Do all of the posix commands, such as chmod and chown, have an
> interface in libsmbclient?

We may be missing a few but chown and chmod are there.

> As far as final deliverables go, we can't really swap out
> the existing smbclient due to some changes in the display
> mode or features that people may be relying on.  So we should
> probably include this as a new client.  Got any ideas for
> a name?  We can eventually deprecate the existing smbclient
> once all the current features are covered in the new code.

Which reminds me that I wanted to let you know that I absolutely want
to continue developing this client after the pesky Google deadline is
out of the way :)
As for the name, I'm open to suggestions. smbclient2 does seem a bit
bland doesn't it? Anyone on the list want to throw something out

> Same deal for final deliverable.  I need a patch file against
> the current SAMBA_3_0 tree (as of the last week of Aug I guess).
> Make sure to include the necessary Makefile changes for the
> new binary rather than changing the existing smbclient make
> rules.

Will do.
> cheers, jerry
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