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Holger Schmieder schrieb:
> Hallo all,
> Volker Lendecke said in an interview with the following:
> We will always support OpenLDAP - but maybe not in first release... 
> I have to findout a solution wich connects an windows machine with CDO to an linux-server with Scalix-Groupware. In fact that CDO is using the epmapper and other RPC-services for authentication my idea was to try this with samba4 - because i saw that the samba team is working verry hard on the msrpc-implementation. Now i played araound a little bit with samba4 and saw that the internal ldap-server looks like an AD-Contoller. Thats pretty fine, but now i have to findout two things to bring my demand forward:
> 1. i have to map the samba4-ldap to another port because 389 needs the Scalix
> 2. i have to store the user-accounts in OpenLDAP because Scalix is authenticating against OpenLDAP 
> 3. All of them must be (because of CDO) on the same machine: Scalix on 389, OpenLDAP on 398 and sama4-ldap anywhere.

Hi Holger,

I don't completly understand your question...

can you try to explain, what you have currently
(I mean what machines, what OS, what services(+ what implementation of the service)
 and what service depends on what other services)

and the same of what your're trying as a replacement.

Please note that with samba4 the kdc and ldap services will only be turned on,
when you run them as AD Domain Controller replacement. And that normal
member servers or standalone servers won't provide ldap and kdc services.

it will maybe also be possible to run a nt4 pdc or bdc replacement, which also have no
ldap and kdc.

So LDAP and KDC services will be not turned on by default in the final release,
exect the admin explicit configures an AD Domain Controller!

(But for in the current development tree all services are turned on by default,
 but that will change, it's just because we currently testing samba4 mostly as
 a AD DC)

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