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Holger Schmieder schrieb:
> Hallo Andrew,
> thanks for the verry fast answer.  
> Regarding your question: In my special case i have all the accounts and the passwords in OpenLDAP. The user can change the password on a website and with his windows-client (today with smb-ldap). There are some more applications auhtenticating is against the OpenLDAP-uid/userPassword -Attributes. 
> O.k. if forgot, because of Clients 389 for samba-ldap must be. But now here comes up some more questions:
> Question1: Do i have a chance (and if yes how) to extend the samba's ldap-schema with additional attributes (some private objectclasses) or can i forward request for unknown attributes to samba to another ldap-server ?
> Or: if there is no client is authenticating against this server - (only via CDO wich is using RPC) - can i than map samba-ldap on another port allthough the main samba4 is on 389 ?
> Or: can i implement your msrpc on another server without running smbd4 ?
> Question2:
> You spoke about a test backing parts samba4-ldap to tdb or another ldap. Do you have some more informations about this procedure ?
> Question3:
> why do you replay the ldap-base below every object again and again ? For example:
> 	CN=Computers
> ->i saw that with Softerras LDAP-Admin

Hi Holger,

can you send us a ethereal capture of that against samba4 and another ldap server where this doesn'T

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