Samba4 and OpenLDAP

Holger Schmieder schmieder at
Sun Aug 14 09:08:50 GMT 2005

Hallo all,

Volker Lendecke said in an interview with the following:
We will always support OpenLDAP - but maybe not in first release... 

I have to findout a solution wich connects an windows machine with CDO to an linux-server with Scalix-Groupware. In fact that CDO is using the epmapper and other RPC-services for authentication my idea was to try this with samba4 - because i saw that the samba team is working verry hard on the msrpc-implementation. Now i played araound a little bit with samba4 and saw that the internal ldap-server looks like an AD-Contoller. Thats pretty fine, but now i have to findout two things to bring my demand forward:
1. i have to map the samba4-ldap to another port because 389 needs the Scalix
2. i have to store the user-accounts in OpenLDAP because Scalix is authenticating against OpenLDAP 
3. All of them must be (because of CDO) on the same machine: Scalix on 389, OpenLDAP on 398 and sama4-ldap anywhere.

Now my questions:
- Does anybody tried to store the user in openldap tougehter with samba4 ? - How to do this ?
- How can i map the samba-ldap to another port ?
- is there some more documentation stuff for samba4 then on the website and CVS.

Thanks for every idea


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