Problems with smbldap-tools, passdb backend, smb.conf

Andreas Bauer andreas_bauer at
Sat Aug 13 12:56:22 GMT 2005


my passdb backend in the smb.conf m does make troubles.
The entry is: passdb backend=ldapsam:ldap://
I seems to be right?
My system is:
Suse 9.2 with openldap 2.2.25-5.2 and samba 3.0.7-5.1
Suse 9.2 clients and Win xp Clients.
If I take the passdb backend entry out of the smb.conf, loggons of the xp
clients are working for me. If the entry is inside, loggons failed. The Suse
Clients can login without a problem. The login over smbpasswd seems to work,
logins over database not.
With smbldap-tools I can create a ldapuser. The smbldap-xxx commands are all
working for me. But if i want to use smbldap-tools in the smb.conf, like
"add user script=/usr/sbin/ -m %u", I need passdb backend
and the ldap database. The path of the sldap.conf for database is right. And
database is " database bdb.
Of course the automatic creation of a smb useraccount over the entry of
smb.conf(/usr/sbin/ -m %u ) at logging in of the xp clients
doesn't work gor me.
Here is an extract of an failed newloggin usercreation(using:
/usr/sbin/ -m %u in smb.conf). The user testuser was
created with: "smbldap-useradd testuser":

Aug 12 14:30:20 amd slapd[5516]: conn=2 op=5 SRCH base="dc=samba,dc=org"
scope=2 deref=0 filter="(&(objectClass=posixGroup)(cn=testuser))"
Aug 12 14:30:20 amd slapd[5516]: conn=2 op=5 SRCH attr=cn userPassword
memberUid uniqueMember gidNumber
Aug 12 14:30:20 amd slapd[5516]: <= bdb_equality_candidates: (cn)
index_param failed (18)
Sometimes there are logs with the message: bdb permission denied.

Hoping for help and best regards

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