libsmbclient for Samba4: initial design issues

derrell at derrell at
Sat Aug 13 01:20:03 GMT 2005

tridge at writes:

>  > I'd like to see all public symbols be given a module descriptor of "smb_".
>  > BlockSignals() would then become smb_BlockSignals(); cli_credentials_init()
>  > would become smb_cli_credentials_init(), etc.
> I don't mind BlockSignals() being changed so being something like
> sys_block_signals(), but I wouldn't like cli_credentials_init() to be
> changed. The problem with smb_cli_credentials_init() is that it has 3
> levels of prefix, which is just too many!
> smb -> we're in samba
> cli -> we're in the samba client lib
> credentials -> we're in the credentials subsystem
> init -> yeah, we are actually going to do something in this cave we've dug
> already 'cli_credentials' is quite sufficient as a qualifier, please
> don't go down the track of want us to specify every level.

I think you misunderstood my intention.  I am not advocating a prefix per
level.  I am simply advocating that the whole of samba that will have to link
with a client application have only one, or some very few number of prefixes
in its namespace.  If all symbols in the portions of samba that must be linked
with a client application have smb_ as their prefix (regardless of what
follows that -- that's an internal issue), then a client application can just
ensure that nothing _else_ that it links with uses the smb_ prefix and can
therefore expect no surprises.


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