Problem when username contains "@"

Sebastian Sawicki forlist at
Wed Aug 10 10:52:15 GMT 2005


I have samba instalation with pdbpgsql and my user names format is 
'user at'
Everythings works fine but I have problem with passwd changing support.
When user log into domain as a01 at and try change password 
(ctrl+alt+del ->change password)
windows (probably) send username without '':

from debug:

samr_chgpasswd_user: user: a01 wks: \\ENDER
pgsqlsam_select_by_field: getting data where 2 = a01(nonescaped)
Executing query SELECT 
FROM samba WHERE username ILIKE 'a01'

Any ideas how can I concatenate domain name?

Best regards


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