usrmgr retrieves only 511 users

Guenther Deschner gd at
Tue Aug 9 22:37:50 GMT 2005

Hi Don,

On Tue, Aug 09, 2005 at 05:04:34AM -0700, Don Watson wrote:
> Hi Guenther,
> The problem I'm having with only retrieving 511 users does not appear to be a 
> vampire problem.  All my users in the ldap database (currently 1012 users) 
> have the sambaAcctFlags set correctly.
> I have traced the problem back as far as the call to _samr_query_dispinfo, in 
> which max_entries is passed in through the SAMR_Q_QUERY_DISPINFO structure as 
> 512 (later changed to 511 by the _samr_query_dispinfo code).  So in spite of 
> the fact that the call to pdb_search_entries (ultimately calls 
> ldap_search_ext_s) returns all 1012 users, the call to pdb_search_entries is 
> passed max_entries of 511.
> I haven't yet determined who sets the buffer size for the pipe, could be 
> Samba, could be Windows.

It is Windows, and just Samba not returning the correct Status-Codes. (You
can reproduce that behaviour with "net rpc user").

Sorry for not coming back to you about this. Was just a little busy
lately. This was an issue and was fixed last week. The next Samba-Release
will work as expected again. In the meantime you might try the following

Please let us know, if you see any further problems.


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