Status update on CIFS Change Notification support

Asser Femø asser at
Fri Aug 5 22:10:03 GMT 2005


here's a little update on my work on change notification. For the first
three weeks I've been reading a lot of code, scratching my head, reading
the SNIA CIFS specification, reading more code, banging my head into the
wall, reading some more code - well, basically trying to figure out how
exactly the whole CIFS implementation works and how I should implement
my little part. So it wasn't until this week I got around to do some
actual code production.

Right now I have a crude one-shot version of directory change
notification (only with the old fcntl F_NOTIFY, not inotify yet) which
works (seem to work, anyway). It doesn't close the directory when the
notification completes, and it doesn't handle FILE_NOTIFY_INFORMATION
records yet, but it works. I'm having some problems committing to the
repository, but when that is resolved I'll commit the work done so far.

The next thing will be first of all to close the directory when the
notification completes (there's an issue with cifsd), and from there
it shouldn't be a long way to implementing DN_MULTISHOT support. Then
implementing the NT_CANCEL helper and being able to cancel the notify
request. From there, handling FILE_NOTIFY_INFORMATION (which it doesn't
look like Samba supports? I'll have to get a Windows box up and running)
records and finally inotify support as well.

Anyway, just to let you know I didn't get eaten by a black hole, it just
took a while to figure things out ;-)


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