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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Tue Aug 2 05:23:29 GMT 2005

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Chris Nicholls wrote:
> Hi,
> Do you think it would be worthwhile to use access bits for 
> the LSA functions that require user privileges
> (LsaAddAccountRights for example)?  This would entail writing
> a function that translates between the access bits and an
> array of string representations of the privs.  I think it
> would make developing with the library much cleaner, even
> though there are only a small handful of functions that 
> will actually use it.  But I thought I would see if there
> are any comments before going through with it.


First let's make sure that we are talking about the same things
here.  Are you talking about the privilege names such as
SePrintOperatorPrivilege?  Or are you talking about the
requested access bits used in the open handle call?  I'm
assuming the former.

Or are you talking about bits such as POLICY_VIEW_LOCAL_INFORMATION
in include/rpc_lsa.h?

cheers, jerry
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