svn commit: samba r8877 - in branches/SOC/SAMBA_3_0/source: . include libmsrpc libmsrpc/test libsmb

Chris Nicholls skel at
Mon Aug 1 01:49:18 GMT 2005

skel at wrote:

>changed to using a libsmbclient structure in CacServerHandle instead of cli_state* structureo. ended up having to #include "includes.h" in libmsrpc. 
this is where i got held up.  When i first switched to the libsmbclient 
structures, I started getting smb_panic's.  It took me longer than it 
should have to sort out.

>modified smbc_attr_server() to not open an LSA policy handle if the *pol parameter is NULL. 
Are there any objections to this? i needed to make use of the 
smbc_attr_server() function, but it initializes a session and opens a 
LSA policy handle. I didnt want it to do that just so I can close it all 
right away. I thought this was a straightforward enough solution.

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