Fix for setatr in clifile.c

derrell at derrell at
Wed Apr 27 13:05:54 GMT 2005

"Satwik Hebbar" <satwikh at> writes:

> My test as against a Win2k server too. Sorry for not mentioning that  
> earlier. In fact, it was ethereal itself that told me the times werent  
> going out properly. The dat I wanted to set was Apr 25, 2005, while  
> ethereal showed it as some date in 2020. When I stopped the conversion in  
> setatr to dos format, both ethereal and the final timestamps were showing  
> proper values.

As it turns out, that conversion to DOS format isn't really much of a
conversion.  All it really does is convert the timestamp from GMT to
localtime, since (as the comment on lib/time.c:put_dos_date3() says), most
SMBs assume localtime.  The conversion should not change the timestamp by more
than a bunch of hours.

> I will repeat my experiment as soon as I get time today and send the  
> ethereal dump too.

I'm interested is hearing about / seeing the results.  Thanks.


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